After what seems like a really long absence, but is really only a couple of weeks, I finally have a new running log to post!

I didn’t really have a goal in mind today for distance.  I just wanted to get out there and establish a first post-race run.  So, I intentionally looked around at sights and stuff instead. 

I ran from the Bentonville activities center through downtown bentonville, over to Compton Gardens which begin the Cyrstal Bridges trail.

I didn’t run all that far.  About 2 miles.  I did run up the Crystal Bridges hill on the way back though!

Today, I kind of took my mind off running and actually looked around at the scenery.  A lot of the half marathon training was in the winter and spring was kind of late, so it’s just now really blossoming.  Either that, or I was just too focused on training and now I am free to actually enjoy the sights.  Either way, today was more fun.  And I took pictures! 

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